Hello World!


This blog is meant to document and archive the progress made towards creating an unofficial java API for Serato DJ/ScratchLive.

A quick history of this project: 

I originally had a cool idea for an application, but needed Serato play data to accomplish it.  After googling around for a bit and discovering that Serato did not offer an API, I came across Ben XO's SSL Scrobbler project and spent some time analyzing the Serato binary format (thank you Ben for the great explanations!). 

Fast forward a couple weeks, I had code that could parse in an SSL session and send notifications when a new track would get loaded.  At the time, I was reading up on micro-services, and event driven design, so thought it would be fun to refactor the code to follow a similiar pattern, or at least the way I understand it.

Digging around some more I noticed others were searching for a Serato API of sorts for personal projects, so thought I could help others out by open sourcing the parsing portion of my code as an API.  So here we are :-)  

More info on the design of the API and repo location to follow...


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