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SSL API GUI Screen Shot

Just a quick shot to showcase the type of track information obtained by the API:

Demo the Serato API App

NOTE:  for some reason the latest version of Mojave OSX does not allow directly running jars via 'jar launcher'.  Running from terminal still seems to work: open 'terminal' type the following command to run the jar (fill in the path to the jar; e.g. /users/bob/downloads): java -jar [PATH_TO_JAR]/SslApiGuiDemo.jar I added an executable jar that launches the GUI and will display Serato DJ/SSL play.  The jar is only compatible with OSX at this time, and assumes the following default values (to modify, edit the resources/ file within the jar).  Please leave me a comment if you're having any issues with the demo! executable can be downloaded directly from the repo: # default SSL API properties  # byte consumption details (slows down app performance when on)  enableLoggerFinest= false   # general debug info stuff enableLo

SSL-API is now live!

The repo is finally up and is ready to be cloned: