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Serato Crate Exporter

NOTE: for some reason the latest version of Mojave OSX does not allow directly running the jar via jar launcher.  Running from terminal still seems to work: open 'terminal' type the following command to run the jar (fill in the path to the jar; e.g. /users/bob/downloads): java -jar [PATH_TO_JAR]/ SeratoCrateExporter_beta01.jar Came across this discussion in the Serato forum  asking for the ability to export Serato crates into various formats.  And thought this would be a fairly straightforward use of SSL API. I did some analysis of the crate structure and turns out its a bit different from the Serato Session File (several new chunks & fields). Nevertheless, I've modified the API to be able to unmarshal the new crate structure and am now introducing a new java GUI utility to help anyone needing to export Serato crates Requirements: Must have JRE (java runtime environment) 8 or better installed  (download link works as of today's date:) http: