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Serato Stats - quick progress report!

So I finally had some downtime this past weekend to work on this project (hard to come by these days). Here’s a quick recap: The Stats app is built on the same ’simple event’ framework as the API & utilizes an Async event hub to concurrently process session files Created 2 new API services to allow locating and loading/parsing of Serato session files parsing a large number of files can take a bit of time (350 files took me roughly ~5 mins on my 12” macbook) Added useful ways to filter session files by: age (e.g. not older than 1 year), size, max Loader service will also save parsed sessions to disk (on Mac defaults to /home/[USER]/.sslapi/ Speeds up follow-on usage by not having to re-parse sessions again NOTE 1 : data will be overwritten and possibly have to be re-parsed when given different load parameters. Will be fixed in later release. NOTE 2 : 350 files take up roughly ~12mb Also implemented and tested the following “sta

*COMING SOON* Serato Stats!

My inner DJ nerd has always wished I could visualize my sets, to better understand, learn, and improve future decision making... And so the next app I'm going to tackle will be ' SeratoStats '. I will utilize ' SSL-API ' (really should be renamed to SERATO-API at this point...) to scan and load all Serato session files in history (with some sort of filtering ability), and process play data to generate  useful stats/charts/visualizations. Some of the features I'm thinking of implementing are: Total play counts per track Most played tracks in a given time period (e.g. last month, 11pm-12am, all-time, etc) most mixed-together tracks Hoping to move quick on this one so I will most likely keep it fairly basic at first.  But feel free to DM me or comment below with ideas or feature requests!