*COMING SOON* Serato Stats!

My inner DJ nerd has always wished I could visualize my sets, to better understand, learn, and improve future decision making... And so the next app I'm going to tackle will be 'SeratoStats'.

I will utilize 'SSL-API' (really should be renamed to SERATO-API at this point...) to scan and load all Serato session files in history (with some sort of filtering ability), and process play data to generate  useful stats/charts/visualizations.

Some of the features I'm thinking of implementing are:
  • Total play counts per track
  • Most played tracks in a given time period (e.g. last month, 11pm-12am, all-time, etc)
  • most mixed-together tracks
Hoping to move quick on this one so I will most likely keep it fairly basic at first.  But feel free to DM me or comment below with ideas or feature requests!


  1. Hey! Just came across your API. Well made! I have a few questions for you if you don't mind. :)
    I understand that your API/Serato does not provide an easy way to obtain real-time data, as in the song currently being played, at what time it's being played and such. Is it even possible? Please let me know!

    I'm not sure if I can properly get a notification from you if you do reply. Could you please email me at samanake@gmail.com?

    Love your motivation and your compsci skills!

    1. Thanks!

      The API actually does (hopefully) just what you describe. It provides play data (e.g. artist, title, time loaded, etc) in near-real time.

      One of the previous posts shows some of the data you could expect to receive. Also checkout the 'How to use the API' example in gitlab...

      you can email me directly if you have questions (email is posted in gitlab).



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