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try out the early beta version of stats

Beta functionality is currently limited to 200 session files and only includes a few basic stats: top 100/500/1000/5000 artists/songs/'least played' The jar can be download from here (must have JRE 8 installed; only tested on OSX but may be windows compatible): any and all feedback is welcomed!

Serato STATS screen shots

As usual the GUI work took much longer than expected... But not to worry progress has been made.  Here's some screenshots as proof. The ' SETTINGS ' page allows customization of where/how/which session files to process: Once all sessions are loaded & parsed, stats can be displayed.  Select one: (05/15): top number is now selectable (05/15) new 'least played songs' stat (One caveat, is that a song had to be played at least once to show up here) At this point, I think (hope) the hardest part is behind me.  I should be able to crank out more interesting statistics at a much faster pace. Big thanks to those that reached out with comments/ideas!  And for those that requested, I'll be sending links to try out the Stats beta shortly... Elad