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New and Improved Serato Crate Exporter (with m3u support)

I've gotten requests to add ability to convert Serato crates into m3u files, so without further ado here are a few screen shots of the new-and-improved Crate Exporter: Click the 'Export' arrow to select one of the available formats:  Click 'start' to export, and 'open' to open the last exported file with the OS's default application: Here's the crate in text format (currently only the #, Artist, and Title column are exported): Opening an .m3u file will also open the file in whichever player is the OS's default (iTunes on OSX): Requirements & Limitations * You'll need at least JRE8 (Java Runtime Environment) installed to run the jar. * only been tested on OSX Mojave (though it should run on other OS's as well) * nested crates not yet supported (only selected crate will be converted) * only mp3 files currently supported (wav/mp4/etc files will be skipped) Executable jar & source code  here: h