New and Improved Serato Crate Exporter (with m3u support)

I've gotten requests to add ability to convert Serato crates into m3u files, so without further ado here are a few screen shots of the new-and-improved Crate Exporter:

Click the 'Export' arrow to select one of the available formats:

 Click 'start' to export, and 'open' to open the last exported file with the OS's default application:

Here's the crate in text format (currently only the #, Artist, and Title column are exported):

Opening an .m3u file will also open the file in whichever player is the OS's default (iTunes on OSX):

Requirements & Limitations
* You'll need at least JRE8 (Java Runtime Environment) installed to run the jar.
* only been tested on OSX Mojave (though it should run on other OS's as well)
* nested crates not yet supported (only selected crate will be converted)
* only mp3 files currently supported (wav/mp4/etc files will be skipped)

Executable jar & source code  here:

Quick start:
* download jar
* open terminal and execute jar:
java -jar serato-crate-exporter-0.14-jar-with-dependencies.jar

Please let me know if this is useful or if you'd like to see any other features!


  1. Digging the work you're doing on this so far. I'm having trouble executing the jar without also invoking the JavaFX modules (I'm running Java 12 on High Sierra and OpenJFX is no longer bundled with Java 12).

    Not a developer, so this is the best workaround I have.

    Would love to see album info added alongside song and artist in the text output. I tend to have versions of songs from different albums/record pools and this would help a ton.

    1. thanks! I added 'album info' as an additional field. Try out the latest v0.15 jar and see if it works out for you.


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